Missdee's French Alpine Dairy Goats

Semen List

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Here are some of the bucks we have available for sale from our tank. There is a 10% discount when ordering a full cane (10 straws). Please contact us for more information or to place an order.

Buck Name Reg # AS1C Birth Date Price/Straw
Missdee's Nicholas A000919222A/N04/28/1993$50
Missdee's Ramon A001177474A/A04/09/2000$30
Missdee's Harley A001177476A/F04/11/2000$30
Missdee's VV Bell Adonis A001485490F/F03/26/2009$75
Missdee's TC Bellboy A001485489A/F03/26/2009$40
Missdee's SB Cassius Clay A001657710B/F03/14/2013$50
Missdee's MB Cassanova A001657708E/F03/18/2013$40
Missdee's RL Donatello A001657975E/E03/15/2013$50
Missdee's RL Pegasus A001657974A/E03/10/2013$40
Missdee's AA Charles Atlas A001693169E/F03/20/2014$50
Missdee's LL Corvette Stingray A001697562A/E03/21/2014$25
Missdee's NIC Juan Carlos A001741591A/E04/04/2015$30
Missdee's DN Aramis A001741595A/E05/07/2015$30
Missdee's CC Bolero A001801062B/F03/03/2016$30
Missdee's PG Prince Valiant A001801064A/A03/05/2016$50
Missdee's CC Andre A001801105F/F03/13/2016$50
Missdee's DN Jean-Claude A001801109E/F03/13/2016$30
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